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Working our soil

in a biodynamic way

Karina and Guillaume settled in the Domaine de Sulauze in 2004. They enforced organic agriculture, and then biodynamic in the vineyard, wheat fields, barley, olive trees, and vegetable garden.

Currently, the Domaine has 30 hectares of vines, 2 hectares of barley for the brewery, 2 hectares of wheat for the bread, and 5 hectares of olive trees. We grow everything according to biodynamic and agroecology principles.

We don't use weed killer, neither insecticide, neither chemical treatments. Harvest is done by hand. We follow the lunar calendar for every operation: in the vines as well as in the winery. And recently, we have started working a section of our vines by animal traction.

Our domaine, before all else, is a team.

A team with very strong and different characters. 

A dynamic team - because you need a lot of energy- busy by the desire to share and create together.


in conviviality

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What do we have in common ?

Respect of nature

Because sharing is part of Domaine de Sulauze philosophy, our grounds also contain a brewery and other activities.

The Brasserie de Sulauze is installed in the Domaine's old sheepfoldest, 300 years old. Guillaume David, self taught brewer, brews, in part, thanks to cereals and hop biodynamicaly grown on our soil.

The Manade du Vieux Sulauze (ranch), managed by the Fano family, sells Sulauze organic bull meat and rents out the reception room Les Berlettes.

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